Saturday, August 31, 2013

Outfit of the day 8/31/13

Hey guys! Today's new item is the wind necklace. It's cute but it kind of looks like a sheshell on a necklace. So I don't think I'm going to be getting one but it's perfect for anyone that likes that kind of beachy wind earth look!

Next is that if you didn't know I'm still sick yay! Lol I hope I feel better tomorrow because on Monday I'm going shopping. Speaking of shopping we are still doing our fashionista blog we just don't post everyday. I will try to upload an outfit of the week video there this weekend if I feel better. But anyways I hope you guys are enjoying it on there because I don't plan on quitting posting on there anytime soon. And I don't Ashley does either!

Lastly for the outfit of the day it's not mine! I decided to go around Jamma and look for a cute outfit to post on here since I didn't have an outfit idea today. Do you guys like me doing this? I might start doing it at least once a week from random people or my buddies if you like it. She's wearing a pink beret, a pink tie-dye shirt, pink tail armor, and pink high heels. Can you guess why I like it??

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Giant bubblegum machine!!

Hey guys you are probably wondering why I am posting so early since I should be at school. Well I really don't feel good today. My head is stuffed up and whenever I sit up or walk it feels like I'm hitting my head against a wall, plus I can't sleep because I woke up for school this morning and I felt like poop so my mom was like your staying home today. So I'm already sick and I still have school work to do. Art, literacy, math, and taking a test online woo hoo. At least I get to lay in bed all day and feel better!! Hopefully I'll be a happy ball of sunshine tomorrow!!

Next is the new item today is a giant bubblegum machine! I love this thing!! You know those little ones that are beta well even though this isn't beta it looks like it and now you can get one! It looks great in my den so be sure to pick one up!!

Lastly is the outfit of the day! As you can tell I'm using my giraffe! I just thought this was a cute outfit and decided to show you on my giraffe today!! I'm wearing my pink party hat, a blue heart necklace, a blue skirt, and a purple and blue raccoon tail! It's great for anyone who doesn't know what to put on their giraffe or how to be girly.

That's all for today and have a great day!!!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Somebody's got the fever.

Hey guys! Somebody on AJ has got the fever. No not a cold and no not bieber fever (blah) I mean Landon fever. Now most of you probably don't know who Landon. Well it's Coolchicos (maybe soon to be boyfriend as of tomorrow) so ya shes crazy on AJ talking about him but you can't stop the fever. If you wanna see him go look on her blog which also explains more about him.

Next is the new wind armor! So far there is only the helmet but the thing I want the most is the wings when they come out! I love my phoniex wings and would love to get a pair of the wind ones. They are so cute! I personally don't like the helmet and I haven't seen it on anybody yet so I don't really know how it looks. We will just have to find out!

Next it's puptart's half birthday party today! Pup I still need to get you a present sorry though I have been busy this week and I will try to make it. Wish Puptart a great half birthday. Which reminds me I'm going to be 14 in less than 6 months whoo hoo!!

Lastly is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a blue fedora, a purple spike, a blue tie-dye shirt, a gray legend, and a purple dinosaur tail! I love this outfit and the mix of darker colors. Perfect for people that don't like a ton of colors to stand out but still want to be fabulous.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The university of Birdle!

Hey guys. So last night I opened the university of birdle but it didn't turn out to great. The point of it is to have fun but I still would like it if I said ok draw with makeup on your desk then they did that. So as long as people did what I said they could still be random. Oh well I'll try again today.

Next is the new item today the stack of books! It's cute because when you click the color change you get less and less books and in different colors. There perfect for my school! Because we all know birdle is all about learning. *Wink wink*

Lastly is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a blue top hat, purple dinosaur back armor, purple dinosaur tail, a gray legend, and an orange neckalce! I have worn the back armor in a while so I thought I might as well wear it.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mean teacher's and their desks!

Hey guys. So I have one mean teacher at school that I really don't like. Ok so first of all I have math right in the morning at 7:30 I mean who can do math that early! So I'm just trying to wake up and figure out the problems. Well today this teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom even though I really needed to, and she got mad at me for supposedly writing in my math book when it was there from the previous owner. So maybe she was having a bad day but she made me mad. Oh well I had a better day once math ended. So it's all good.

Next is the new item for today. It's a teacher's desk. I'm going to be getting one because I'm thinking of opening my own birdle's university. It's not like any other! I'll tell you guys when it is open but for birdle's university is in construction.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! Look guys it's baby birdle! I'm wearing a rare yellow bonnet, blue dragonfly wings, purple dragon glove, and a purple dinosaur tail. Lol I'm not really a baby but I did like this outfit because it's different but still cute! Without looking too young.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rare nerd glasses, and MRI's

Hey guys! So today's rare is rare nerd glasses which were predicted and some people got ahead in the adventures! I bought one they look kind of odd on foxes but I still like them. I wonder what they look like on kangaroos. Also last Halloween at least 30 people were dressed as nerds for Halloween. It's not really original but you know I'm not going to be one this Halloween because my friends and I have other plans.

Next Gggal has another MRI today so she can't go to school again. She told they put her to sleep and she has to lay inside the MRI for 45 minutes. Then when its time to wake up the lady gives her juice to get her energy up, and then her mom made her waffles. Lol I hope she has something to do today because I would be pretty bored if I was her. She could always birdle random people on AJ or watch funny youtube videos. Anyways good luck!

Lastly, is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing a blue head flower, a purple spike, freedom wings, a pink dragon tail, and a green legend. I have 5 legends now thanks to trading people. I have blue, purple, gray, pink, and green. This outfit is perfect who girls want to rock the freedom wings but don't know how. Speaking of which be sure to check out our fashion blog today because later on after school we will be showing you are real outfit of the day! 

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fashion bloggity, and chalkboards!

Hey guys so yesterday Coolchico and I finally finished working on our fashion blog! It is still a work in progress so on most pages there isn't much up yet. But we are going to post everyday if we can and it's going to be awesome. Here's the link if you want to check it out!

Next the new item for today is a chalkboard! It would be so cool if you could actually write on it, as a mini game to teach people for gems. I don't know but it would be cool. I wonder if they are going to come out with a white board next keeping in with the school theme. It's perfect for anyone who wants to make a little school!!

Lastly is the outfit of the day! This time on my kangaroo. I got the 3 diamond bonus today this is my third time getting it so I got another spiked collar. I'm wearing a black head flower crown, a purple spiked collar, a purple worn, orange high heels, and a pink and white tail! It's a cute kind of halloween/ not springy thingy lol.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sparklewolf, and fashion!

Hey guys! So if you read Sparklewolf123's last post I got a job helping her post on her blog. I will try to post on there every other day but will keep it pretty AJ related on there and just new items and stuff. But on here will be the regular old me! If you would like to see my first post today here is the link to her blog! It's pretty awesome check it out.

Next is that I had an idea last night of Coolchico and I to do. So we are going to be making a blog that goes along with your youtube channel! I will be making it on a different account because when you share a blog with someone they can't make changes to the pizap and make pages only posts. So I will be working on that today and Coolchico will too! I hope it's up tomorrow because it is going to be about school, life, fashion, makeup and more! Pretty much real life stuff. It's going to be awesome!!

Lastly is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a blue top hat, a blue and pink spike, green crossbow, a blue dinosaur tail, and pink high heels. I love my new top hat and this outfit! It's girly yet new yet awesome sauce!! It is defiantly one of my favorite outfits and if I didn't change my outfit everyday then I would keep this for a while. But I love changing my outfit everyday.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Another week, another weekend!

Hey guys! I'm posting early today because I have time before I have to leave for school!! Well it's Friday and I'm happy because even though I love school I really need to sleep in instead of getting up at 5:30-6:00 every morning to get ready for school. I have 3 tests today and hopefully I do well wish me luck!

Next is did you see the prizes in the new adventure? I have only gotten one so far but I read on Snowyclaw's blog that the 1st chest and the last one are 750 gems. The 2nd is beehive, 3rd Greenhouse window, and the 4th is a wall garden. The wall garden is the prize I got and its so awesome! I love it :DD

Lastly, the outfit of the day! I'm wearing a red fedora, a green crossbow, a pink and blue spike, a purple and blue tail, and a gray legend. I'm trying to make it different and colorful. I'm also trying to buy some new items to try out to see what they look like. I hope I don't run out of room if I do though I will have to make a storage account or delete some items I don't want to wear right now.

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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P.S. I'm going to do an adventure marathon today! So I can try all of them and earn a ton of gems!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!

Hey guys as you can tell by the title it's adventure time! This is because cosmo's new adventure came out! I tried about halfway through it and got stuck so I'm going to play it again later. It is pretty hard and the adventures are getting harder and harder to do but are still fun. Unfortunately only members can play it right now since it is in the beta testing stage but don't worry you non-members will be able to play it soon.

Tomorrow I have 3 tests at school already. One in math, one in literacy, and one in social studies. I already know all of the info and I get to use my notes on the math test so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a good grade on each one! So if I'm not on tonight than I'm probably studying for my other two tests.

Next the new item today is a desk and chair set. Perfect for going to back to school even though most schools don't use desks anymore expect in high school. My school does in some classes in others we just have regular tables. I need to pick one of these up and perfect for people that make schools on AJ.

Lastly is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing yellow butterfly glasses, an orange necklace, a pink tie dye shirt, a gray legend, and a pink and white tail. Ahh look at all the pretty fall colors. I'm pretty excited about fall and tired of the hot sweaty days of summer. What about you guys?

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tips, and stoves.

Hey guys! So I made a video for our youtube channel about tips for middle schoolers. I'm going to have it down below and I hope it helps you guys who maybe just need some tips in general!

Next is the new item stoves! Sold in kimbara outback! I love this stove and it goes along to match with all of the other items they put out. I sold my cake bake kitchen to get something so I'm going to be getting one of these because it looks a lot like it expect you probably can't bake a cake. Oh well still cool!

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing a green crown, a pink and blue spike, purple back armor, a white friendship bracelet, and a green and purple tail! It's great for those girls that want to be a princess with a fierce edge. Plus the crown is something I usually don't wear and I'm trying to bring new pieces into my outfits.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homework, gggal and more!

Hey guys so I had a lot of homework to do from school today so sorry for not being on. I had kind of a lot of math homework, and some stuff I had to do for literacy. So I had to do that before getting on AJ or posting. But as my teachers say they are already trying to get us ready for the workload in high school. Oh well school is still fun and we had picture day today and my picture turned out pretty good! It's my favorite out of all my middle school pictures.

Next gggal has to get an MRI today for her foot. So wish her luck! I'm sure she will be fine and by getting one it will help the doctors figure out what they can do next to make her foot better! Anyways ya :D

Next is the new item for today. It's the lion hat the returing item! You can find this in the clothing shop but I don't really like hats like this. You might but I'm going to pass on picking one up. Also I have noticed that most people don't really get hats like this or the cat ones. I wonder why AJ keeps them around if they aren't that popular hmm.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing an orange beret, pink and blue spike, a purple and blue tail, spirit armor, and an orange high heels! Like my spike? I got this morning after saving up for 2 weeks for it! I love it and the next one I want to get is either another spike collar or a matching wristband. Which should I get? Comment down below your suggestions!

That's all for today and have a great day!

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P.S. One of my bff's from school started playing AJ again! So I might be with her helping show her how to do some things. She's super nice and fun so if you want to buddy her her user is bmanuppe. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Taila, OOTD, and more!

Hey guys! So some of you may be wondering who the heck is Taila? Well Taila is a girl who would have turned 14 last night if she was still alive. Some of you may remember me talking about her a month ago when she died. Taila was a youtube beauty guru who is my age and who was fighting two types of cancer for 6 and a half years before she passed away at 11:22 am on July 16th 2013. Last night on youtube I watched the tribute her family and friends did for her 14th birthday live. It's almost 3 hours long but it really was beautiful. I really miss her even though I never got to meet her and she was the first person I subscribed to on youtube last year and I have been watching her videos ever since. If you don't really want to watch it that's fine but if you could then your awesome! I'm going to be having a marathon of her videos later on this weekend just because I want to. Here's the video and a picture of her.

Next is the rare bonnet! I don't really care for these but the colors are very colorful and springy! Although they do look cute on bunnies on AJ lol. They are usually used for the bunnies who are babies trying to get adopted. Anyways even though I don't really like it you might enjoy it!

Lastly. the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a blue head flower, green flower lei, pink boots, a pink sword, and a pink and white tail. Perfect for those girl's that maybe want to chill out in the woods or fight while still looking fabulous!!

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emu eggs!!

Hey guys! Today's new item is the emu egg in outback imports! It's so cute I got myself one to put in my den. It kind of reminds me that other egg on a podium ya lol. The rare one do you get what I'm saying? Maybe??? Lol I hope at least some people do.

Sorry for not being on AJ all day. I had to go to chruch and between today and yesterday clean out my closet and drawers and that took around 3 hours for each side of the closet. So a total of 6 hours. But it looks really nice now so I'm happy.

Lastly is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a white beret, a fire necklace, green tail armor, a brown bow, and blue high heels. Cute for tomboy's who still want to be a little dressed up!

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Drama llama's

Hey guys! Ok so a bunch of drama is going down in the past couple of days and I'm going to try and clear it up. Puptart, you are not a monster and I was not spreading rumors about you, and I may choose to you forgive you. Give me some time to think and don't quit. I don't care if you are friends with Golden I just cared that you didn't believe me. Rainbowshadow, I deleted you yesterday because you were being mean and complaning. Don't even try to deny it I have witness. So for you to come on here and say you are showing the "real me" is wrong. I have ever right to delete you so you will have to move on and deal with it. As for the golden thing I'm not forgiving Golden and I'm fine if other people are friends with her as long as they don't try to make me make up with her. Anyways I hope this is now settled.

Next is the new item in the diamond shop! It's adventure music! I never have my music on though on AJ because I don't really like it so I won't be getting this. It still cool though!

Last is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a yellow head flower crown, pink bow, a purple lei, pink high heels, and a purple dinosaur tail! I came up with this cute springy outfit by putting random colors together until it looked good!!

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Message to mean people

Hey guys! Two posts in one day yay must be something special well it is. I have a very strict rule about leaving nice comments on this blog or I will block you so you can't comment on here. Now I deleted a certain someone on AJ because they were being mean to my friends and they left 2 nasty comments on here. Therefore  which they left their username so I can block them on AJ . So, what I'm saying is, if you leave a mean comment on here I will delete your comment  and block you on AJ problem solved. Just because I don't buddy you anymore is because I have reasons and rights just like anyone else who wouldn't buddy someone. So anyways if you are going to be mean keep it to yourself or tell someone else. You honestly don't affect me and before I delete someone I have to think about it. So their you have it.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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It's Friday!!!

Hey guys! It's Friday and I had a great first week of school, and I'm happy it's Friday because I get to sleep in tomorrow!! I love school but I need my sleep and I'm pretty tried so if I get off early it's because I'm tried and need to rest.

Next is outfit of the day. I'm wearing a white flower crown, red high heels, an orange necklace, red mechanic wings, and a yellow and red tail. Perfect for fall!! Which is a little bit away but I'm ready for it!!

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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P.S. Sorry for the short post but I don't have much to talk about.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New adventures coming!

Hey guys! So if you haven't noticed in the adventures they have a new layout! Showing you where new adventures will be soon. It's pretty cool. One has a koala face and another a shovel. Hmm I wonder when AJ is going to make one of these come? In the next update probably! Well I can't wait to see!!

Next AJ now has high heels! They are so cute but I was only able to get one pair because I only had enough for one. I really want all of them though and they look great on foxes! I wonder if AJ is going to come out with some new cool shoes next!!

The summer carnival is leaving soon and now everything is half off! I might be able to get maybe one more tail this weekend before they leave soon. I have pretty much all the tails I want though but they are cute. So be sure to pick up your items before they leave and we have to wait another year for it.

Last is the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a blue head flower, a green lei, pink high heels, a blue and pink tie-dye shirt, and a pink and white tail! See how great they look! I wonder what they look like on kangaroos? Hmm I'll try that tomorrow if I remember for the outfit of the day.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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P.S. Like the new banner?