Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Video and outfit!

Hey guys so yesterday I uploaded my first video showing my face to our channel! To see that video though you must click the link down below since it is unlisted. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it!!
Video with my face!:
2nd video I made:

Next is the outfit of the day. I know its Christmas colors but it's still cute and I didn't mean to make it that way!! I'm wearing red meachiac wings, with a white flower crown, green tail armor, a gray legend, and an orange necklace. Its cute yet perfect for winter lol!

That's all for today and have a great day!
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Youtube channel with Coolchico!

Hey guys so yesterday Coolchico and I decided to make a cool new youtube channel! It's a channel between the two of us with things about, fashion, our faces, room tours, randomness and more! We don't have any videos up yet but the only way I was able to do it is because only my friends can watch it so when I show my face in videos they will be unlisted and you will have to get a link from my blog post to go watch it! Anyways when Coolchico comes on later we will talk about it. There is a picture of my dog because that's all that would fit in their for now anyways that will change later. I hope you guys enjoy it so far!!


Next the new item today is the monkey plushie from the summer carinval! It's cute but I'm not going to be buying one. Because enough it says it is giant its actually not very big so ya!

Next speaking of youtube videos I don't really want to AJ youtube videos anymore so last night I deleted them off my page and that account is only for watching videos and what it was originally. I"m just going to be too busy and I just want to focus on one youtube video thing so don't be alarmed if you see no videos I decided to do that.

Last I couldn't find an outfit of the day. I didn't really like mine and I couldn't a find a friend's outfit I really liked. (Don't be offended please!) So sorry no outfit of the day today but their will be one tomorrow!!

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Rares, giveaways, and Mexico oh my!

Hey guys. So the rare giveaway for today is rare real muskeeter boots! They come in different colors and I may get one though they are  a bit pricey. But kind of cute! What do you guys think buy or nah. I think buy!

Yesterday Puptart left for Mexico and was scared the plane was going to crash. I'm guessing she is alive yay! I hope she is having fun and is still able to get on AJ. Also I hope Gggal is having fun too. It seems like as my summer ends more people are going on vacation. Kind of odd but oh well!

Yesterday on my youtube channel I put up a giveaway for 2 items. You must like, subscribe, and comment which item you want and what you are excited about for school if you want to win! I hope you can enter because it's my first giveaway and I'm thinking of doing some more cool ones soon! I will be putting up a video at least once a day until the end of summer. During school I will try to upload at least 2-3 videos a week. But that may not happen. Anyways enjoy watching and I'm trying to talk louder in these videos!

Rare skinny lamp and beta pink purse giveaway!

Lastly the outfit of the day is a great way to start out an awesome week of outfits! I'm wearing a rare purple worn, with a blue fedora, a purple and blue tail, and a pink bracelet. It's very cute and perfect for a little pop of girly with fierce.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Countdown, bracelets and more!

Hey guys! As you can see on the side I added an 8th grade countdown! That's just until the day not the actual time I start school but you know it works. Thank's Wolfstar62867 for the idea!!

The new item for today is the turquoise bracelet! It's super pretty. I got one in pink and it looks really cute on. I wonder if they are going to make earrings and rings to go with it! If they made a whole collection of this it would be awesome! I would defiantly buy all of them!

Next yesterday Coolchico got traded some things and one of them was a tie-dye shirt that people said where in stores. I'm wondering if it's coming soon because it's super cute! Also because they said it was in stores maybe different time zones from around the world already have it in stores. I hope it comes soon because I really want to get one!!

Next my outfit of the day! I'm wearing a white phantom shirt, with a white flower crown, a gray legend, a pink and white tail, and an orange necklace. It includes different pieces I bought but it is really cute and one of my favorite outfits might I say!

Lastly, yesterday Coolchico and I were adventuring when she was like get in my magical pouch! LOL she was as her kangaroo so I was pretending to ride around it and we had a lot of fun playing the adventures! It was very funny and I should have taken pictures to show you guys.

That's all for today and have a  great day!

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P.S. About staying on AJ while it was updating we almost made it but they logged us out we even hide but it didn't work!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gggal on vacation!

Hey guys so Gggal is leaving for vacation today and is going to be gone for 1 week. I hope she has a lot of fun and is still able to get on AJ a little bit! She told me she's going to a cool spa so that should be relaxing and fun!!!!!!!

People quitting. Ok so yesterday we saw Metropolis on AJ. She explained why she was quitting but that we will still be able to talk to her. She just is too busy. Also Dragonwolf70 is going to be quitting soon. Even if those people quit I will only quit when I want to. Of course I don't want them to quit but we can still chat with them on tiny chat, chat box, and even through email! So I will miss them but I will still try and keep in touch with them.

Today's outfit of the day is from Gggal. I just picked her outfit because it was different and I liked it. She is wearing a yellow sombrero, with a purple cape, orange boots, a white flower necklace, and a pink and white tail. Perfect for anyone adventures with color and who likes to stand out!

Last the new item. The new item is a turquoise necklace that you can also get in other colors. It's super cute and native. I haven't gotten mine yet but if you want to see then watch out for tomorrow's outfit of the day. I love all the colors personally.

That's all for today and have a great day!

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P.S. Who else wants these dinosaur earrings from Claire's?!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Metropolis, and owls!

Hey guys so first of all one of my good friends officialy quit AJ yesterday. Her name was Metropolis and she made this official on her blog post yesterday. We will all miss her and Coolchico did a video for her. She didn't explain why she was quitting but maybe because AJ just isn't that fun or she is getting older. Anyways I hope Metropolis is still reading all of our blog posts and just letting her know that I will always be her friend!

Next the new item for today is owl plushies! They are in the summer carnival. They are so cute! I really want to get the big one but I don't have enough tickets yet so ya. Enough though this picture says I do it's from Snowyclaw's blog so thanks!!!

Next outfit of the day! I'm wearing a white flower crown, orange back armor, a pink and white tail, a pink friendship bracelet, and a purple and blue necklace. It's super cute! Lol I say that about all of my outfits!

Next Coolchico got a kangaroo from the store yesterday! It's pretty cool! While she was moonwalking WS was all like I look prim and proper with her arctic wolf which she does!!! It's awesome and not to mention that both of their outfits are cute!

Next here is a glitch when I was trying to play an adventure with my friends.The plants are watered, and the water isn't purple. Also we are trying during an update! I will tell you how it goes!!!

Last this is for my assignment for Coolchico's cooking company. These are ideas. The unicorn birdle surprise, coolchico bacon surprise, and the mystery. Lol they are all fake on AJ ideas but they would make wonderful recipes for your blog. Also here is my video. Turn up the volume a little to hear me!!!
Cooking Company Commercial

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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P.S. Be sure to check out my book blog because I have been posting more on their daily!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New land!!

Hey guys as you can tell by the title AJ has found new land! It's pretty cool. I haven't found everything in my journey book yet but I'm getting almost done! The map is also pretty weird!! But I like it and we will get used to it soon enough.

I would show you guys the new land but it's hard to get into and I'm going to do a video on it soon!

Next kangroos are in the diamond shop! I only have 3 diamonds right now but I hope that I can get one soon. There pretty awesome and I have only seen a couple more people getting them probably because of the card or the diamond shop!

Next you can now wear your level on the adventures in town! I'm a level 9 and it's pretty cool seeing what everybody is. Also on the adventures on the first adventure if you want it to be harder when you click on the portal it will give you that option. I only got to play a little before I had to go. But it is kind of hard. I mean you have to find new corks, and there is new places, etc.

Last is the outfit of the day. Today's outfit of the day is Coolchico's! She is wearing a purple head flower, with a purple worn, purple flip flops, a blue and purple tail, and a purple and green necklace! It's prefect for the beach and just hanging out with friends!!

That's all for today and have a great day!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where have I been?

Hey guys so for the past couple of days I was at an RV camp that had no wifi. I thought it would so it turns out I was wrong. Yesterday I got home from vacation but was too tried to post so I just decided to wait till tomorrow. But that's ok!

Today's outfit of the day is pretty cute! I'm wearing an orange flower crown, with a fire necklace, spirit armor, a yellow and red tail, and a purple legend glove. It's a little on the girly side mixed with fierce!

Next Coolchico is back on AJ! She got her computer fixed and is now running her company. It is real and she does have a blog for it which I will put the link for it down below. I'm the chef of the month and be sure to stop by her den to check out our work area! I will be doing my weekly project later on today.

Lastly here is the new item for today. A stack of shelves it's pretty cute and I can't wait to get it!!

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coolchico's cooking company!

Hey guys first of all Coolchico is back! Aj isn't working for her today but I have been talking to her on chat. Anyways she made a cooking company and I'm a sales person. My first job was to make a cool banner for it. So here it is!!

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P.S. This is my 250th post!!!

Finding Birdle!

Hey guys so I was thinking yesterday about how they have movies like Finding Nemo, and soon to be Finding Dory. Well what if I made a little movie or short film that was called Finding Birdle? Would you guys like that?  I could have friends and just random people say certain things like where is Birdle? Ya. Anyways I might do that sometime soon!

Next is the awesome new item! The flower crown!!!!!! It's so pretty. I already bought four of the colors today because I got 1,500 gem bonus. It's perfect for summer. AJ lately has been coming out with flower things. Flower crowns, headbands, leis, it's not a bad thing I like them all just noticing.

Lastly, the outfit of the day. I'm wearing a purple flower crown, with a golden bow, a gold ring, an orange necklace, and a blue and purple tail. Well that's all for today and have a great day!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friendship bracelet plus more!

Hey guys so today's outfit of the day is different but so cute! I'm wearing a blue sunhat, with a golden bow, a pink friendship bracelet, a red necklace, and pink tail armor. I think it's perfect for hanging outside on a kind of hot summer day.

Speaking of friendship bracelets, that's the new item today! They come in all cute colors and you can get one to match with your bff. I got the pink one since it's my favorite color but I want an orange, purple, blue, white, you know what I just want all of the colors!

Lastly, today is going to be a little busy. My family and I in about an hour are going to go tour a place, then eat lunch get on AJ a little, then go swimming and go to a shopping place. Come back if its not close to dinner, we are going out to dinner then going to see wolves. Anyways after that come home and chill out for the day. So I might not be on AJ that much. That's all for today and have a great day!

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P.S. Encase you were wondering I have a twitter. I post pretty much anything on there and nothing really AJ related. Mine's @birdle2

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tunnel town, shelves, and more!

Hey guys! So AJHQ relased info about Tunnel Town which is out today! You can download this app on an iphone most likely or ipod or ipad. If you do so you get a free little bear this weekend only! I unfortunately don't have any of those so I can't download it. Otherwise it looks pretty cool!!

Next the new wide shelf is here! I got one in pink to put in my den because I think they are pretty neat. AJ is becoming more realistic with their den items. Maybe trying to get more people to buy membership because of all the cool items and bonus. I don't really know what to put on it though. So far all I have is my award from Gggal's art awards show. Hmm maybe that will be my awards shelf. Well I'm going to need another one because I'm a star! JUST KIDDING\!

Today's outfit of the day had a little help from Gigxicutie with the necklace at least. Thanks again! I'm wearing a fire necklace, with green tail armor, a white beret, pink mechanic wings, and a purple glove. Well that's all for today and have a great day!!

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P.S. My family and I are going to Cave of the winds today! You get to go through caves and look around. I better bring a jacket it's going to be cold down there.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit of the day 7/17/13

Hey guys! Today's outfit of the day is a little different it's cute but also fierce. I'm wearing fire wings, with pink sunglasses, a pink dinosaur tail, with a blue lei, and a spirit glove. It could work for a more tomboyish look but also a girly look!

Yay I updated the blog today lol. I also figured out how to resize the header. Do you guys like it? It is combined so I don't really have to change it yet!!! Also I need to update music still but I will do it later. Anyways yay!

Lastly is an off topic of Animal Jam more serious note. Yesterday morning one of my favorite youtube beauty guru's of all time died from cancer. Her name was Taila. She was 13 year's old and fighting two types of cancer. She fought for 6 years and was about to turn 14 next month. She was so amazing, awesome and bubbly. Even though she had cancer she was always smiling and now she is happy and up in Heaven with God and Jesus. Dancing around and having fun. Her saying was Just keep swimming. So guys don't waste life fighting and being un happy life is short Heaven is forever. And remember Just keep swimming.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New cool banner!

Hey guys a real quick post here is my newest banner compared to my other banners! Which one did you like the best??

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3rd banner

2nd banner
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1st banner

See you later!
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Outfit of the day 7/16/13

Hey guys! Today my family and I are going to a place called Garden of the Gods. It's supposed to be a trail/hiking thing. It's going to be awesome so I won't be on till later this afternoon. I'm still on vacation for anyone that wants to know and I won't be back for 8 more days. So until then I'm usually doing something.

Today I'm wearing a green fedora, with a purple lei, green tail armor, a purple legend, and spirit armor! I think it's pretty cute. I also kind of look evilish with the patterns!

The new item today is the small corner shelf! I bought one for myself because it's cute and easy to fit in places. The cool thing is when you switch it it switches the pattern on it to the other side. Also Dragonwolf70 said that she had a shelf for the wall. I hope AJ puts those in stores soon because I really want one!
(Thank you Snowyclaw for the picture!) Note: I usually use a Snowyclaw picture if it is a den item or clothing item.

Lastly, I really need to update this blog. I need to update the music and the background and header. I was going to do it yesterday but forgot about it later at the end of the day. I also need to make a new banner. I have had this old one for a little while now. Anyways that's all for today and have a great day!!

P.S. I got a new den yesterday the treehouse one and I'm calling it Birdle's Neverland! Feel free to come check it out if you want because I think it's pretty awesome!!!!!