These are some movies my friends and I have made or that other people have made and are awesome that I decided to put them up!!!!!

Newest movie production idea! This one was made by coolchico and I.

The Magical Ways
Two twin witch sisters are happy living along there lives in the castle where they teach others how to become witches like them. One day they discover a secret that has been hidden in there family for centuries. Not only are they witches but, they are the most powerful ones that will ever live in there family. Now they must leave there school to go on an adventure to discover the true powers they have and what they are capable to use. Along the way though an evil darkness has arise  The evil witch is back and ready for a war. With the help of there friends and there powers will they be able to make it out alive?

Parts available
Amber: Coolchico Amber is a brave young witch who is not afraid to face anything. With her sword by her side, she faces anything that comes her way. But there is something about her that nobody knows and will surprise not only herself but everyone around her.

Ivy: Wolfstar62867  Ivy is a shy witch that likes to keep to herself. She always wears her favorite pink beret that is a gift from her mother that left her when she was young. She also wears a moon black necklace that when she wears keeps all of her magic in it. She may not always stand out but she makes a big difference.

Sabrina:  Sabrina the evil witch once had a kind soul. The thing that turned her bad is still kept only to herself. She wants to take down everyone to rule the world. Always in her black cloak she keeps hidden from the outside world down in her liar. Some say if she sees the sun she burns down and will be gone forever.

Brittany: , Brittany made fun of by her name and pretty looks is only thought of as a princess girl who can't even think for herself. She doesn't want to marry the prince and become queen but to be herself and go fight out in the forest. Sick of the dresses and crowns she sets off to find her real goal in life, to become a warrior and intelligent girl who can think for herself and fight her own fights.

King Richard: Not taken, King Richard is Brittany's father and just wants everything to go back to normal when her mother was alive. Worried Brittany is becoming rebellious he goes to desperate measures to get his daughter to stay with him.

Set Design: Set will be by Coolchico and I and anyone else if we find an awesome idea that they have.

Camera lady: Birdle I will film using screen cast o matic.

Editor: Birdle I will use windows media maker on my computer.

Director: I guess it will be Coolchico and I since we thought of the idea (Don't think we are going to be greedy and rude just because we are director.)

Writers: We don't really have any writers we just go along and make sure it flows we only write some things that we think would be great for each part.

Please contact me if you would like to try out for any of the parts we will tell you when you can come try
out! Good luck to all!!

                                                                    Mira v.s Mira Part 1

                                            Adopting Magical (kind of a parody in some parts)

Terrible 10's

Mira v.s. Mira Part 2

Mira v.s. Mira Part 3

Dr. Zios on the Birdle Show

Mira on The Birdle Show

Hedge on The Birdle Show


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