Thursday, January 9, 2014

From 2011 to now.

Hey guys! This post is not going to be about AJ but about this blog. I created this blog in November 2011 when I was in 7th grade and really into AJ and thought it would be fun to share with everyone my experience through life and aj. I have made so many great memories and friends from this blog. The support of this blog has been overwhelming. I never thought that a little blog that I made would grow this big. We have almost 400 posts over 16,00 pageviews and 13 followers. I have had over 300 comments and so much support and pageviews each and everyday. You all read my posts and support me, go check out my giveaways, and wait patently for me to update everything. I cannot explain my feelings for each and everyone of you who reads it everyday.

So your probably wondering birdle what are you talking about?! Well guys, I'm quitting posting but not AJ. I have gotten extremely busy this year and will continue to later on. Between homework, friends, sports, having fun, and chores I can't handle it all. I'm going to go to high school and have so much homework I just can't let you guys down by not posting. I know some of you will probably comment down quit or be sad but I just can't keep up with it. I will still continue to keep this blog up forever and maybe I'll start back up in the summer.

Thank you everyone for your support and love. I love all of you even if you are 5-20. I will always love and cherish the memories that I have gotten from this blog.( I'm tearing up some.) This is my choice and not anyone elses. Thank you for everything. For the memories, for the comments, for the pageviews, for the laughs, for the fun for everything. Even the hate I got from this blog helped me realize it doesn't matter what others think of you.

The only last thing I can say is thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful life. Feel free to still comment and go on chat box and everything. I will read and support them all. I have an email, skype, twitter, chatbox, and tiny that I can talk to you all on. I will still be on AJ so feel free to talk to me when I'm on.

Skype: ivy wang or birdle2
Twitter: @birdle2
Chatbox: Well you know where that is
AJ: Birdle

Thank you everyone. I look forward to what the future brings for me and you.



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow cannon and Glitter

Hey guys! My Gt elective is really awesome. Today we had to do this goal thing about short term and long term goals. My long term goal was to try and care about math since most of us were being sarcastic about it. Then we had to decorate this thing for our locker so we were all playing with glitter and throwing it on each other/working on it. It was really fun and our teacher is so nice and chilled.

Next is the returning item for the day which is the snow cannon! Perfect to have snow ball fights or even try to launch yourself out of it.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! Puptart's outfit features two colors but they are so cute and nicely put together I thought you all should see it!  She's wearing a blue fox hat, a blue cape, a blue scarf, and a blue ring. Pefect for the color blue lovers!

That's all for today and have a great day!!
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P.S. Please enter the giveaway it ends soon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowman and Quizzes

Hey guys! First day back to school and I already have a quiz tomorrow. I also had homework today and had to find my gym clothes so that's why I'm posting late. And I had to shower and we had to grab something at the store. I also have to post on our other blog because I can't get a hold of Ashley but that's ok!

Next is the new item for today which is the snowman. So cute and it's not new but returning. I think this would look great in your den with the snow or even if you don't have snow you can mix it up!

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, blue headphones, a purple striped scarf, freedom wings, a blue ring, and a purple and blue raccoon tail. This looks very wintery with a pop of color!

That's all for today and have a great day!!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Last day of break!!

Hey guys! Ashley(or Coolchico) was supposed to post today( so that's why this is late) but it wouldn't work on her computer and now I can't get a hold of her on skype. But that's ok I'll just be posting for you guys and she just might post another day this week! This is my last day of break today so I'm kind of sad but I'm super excited also to go back to school tomorrow.

Next is the rare for the day which is the rare spartan hat! I think this is unique and cool for those of you who want to stand out in a crowd. I don't see many people buying this due to it's colors(I'm not a fan of them) but if you love dark colors then this is for you.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, pink earrings, a pink shark fin, a gold chain necklace, green tail armor, and purple high heels! I thought this outfit was a nice spin on a girly girl look. Instead of adding a skirt and a raccoon tail or no tail to it I added some different accessories that would bring out the outfit and not make you a plain Jane. Wow I'm talking a lot about standing out today.

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Break is ending!

Hey guys! Most of you guy's winter breaks are ending tomorrow but I don't end mine till Tuesday due to a teacher workday! I'm excited to go back to school but also kind of sad because I don't want to do all of the constant homework and then not being able to post some days like I would like due to studying tests. But I do get to see my friends and see what they got and have fun. On another note the Jammer of the month will be up soon(still looking for someone and you can't be Jammer of the month twice) but the giveaway is up. Hurry you only have 6 days left to enter!

Next is the new item for the day which is, the ice prison. It's returning from last year and I actually have some funny memories involving kids and these with my friends.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, blue headphones, a pink studded collar, a pink crossbow, green high heels, and a purple dinosaur tail. For some reason in this outfit I feel like a hipster. I don't know why I just do and I never say that word but it just felt right for this outfit.

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Busy day yesterday!

Hey guys! Sorry for notposting yesterday, cleaning/redoing my room, library, and then my bff Rowen came over and we swam last night. When I was all finished it was 9 so I just decided not to post yesterday. Also the title rhymes, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Oh and don't give a splinter I got one today and my finger hurts now even though I got it out. It should subside later though.

Next is the new item for the day which is the frozen torch! I remember when these came out last year and was so excited about them I bought a couple for my ice den. I still have that den but no torches so I will be sure to pick some up because they look great in your den.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, a blue sunhat, a pink knitted sweater, a purple heart locket, a purple and blue raccoon tail and purple high heels! This outfit was the one I was wearing when I was doing my hotel a couple days ago.

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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P.S. I will be updating the giveaway, and jammer of the month page in the next few days so be sure to keep looking at those!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowflake table :)

Hey guys its Coolchico here! Nothing has really happened this week but i would like to say, Happy new Year!!! It is now 2014 i am so exited to see whats coming! so sorry if this is a short post!

The New item is a Snowflake table, i got this last year it is quite cool! It would be great for any den!

The outfit for the day- It includes a light blue witch hat, green coat, green boots, green and purple tail armor and purple and white scarf :)
i liked this outfit because it looks warm and right now for me its raining :P

                                       Have a great and sassy day everyone!!! See ya Monday!:)
P.S Make sure to check out our blog: Fashionista <-- click it!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post a lazy day, but I was tired and forgot to post almost. I hope everyone is starting out the new year right, by having fun and living life to the fullest. Good luck on all your resolutions and may this year be the best year ever so far! I'm certainly looking forward to turning 14, starting high school, graduating middle school, getting my braces off, track, camp, and just having fun with my friends!

Next is the new item for the day which is, the Garnet birthstone! It looks like aj is going to still be having the birthstones for new jammers, and people who forgot a couple months. Yay you can still complete your collection.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, a pink party hat, a black moon necklace, pink dragonfly wings, a purple and blue raccoon tail, and pink boots. Love this outfit because purple and blue remind me of this year for some reason. I think that this year's color is a blue sort of color and last year's was emerald if I'm 

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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