At least once a month I will give away a present from jamma to the person that answers the question I have on my homepage the best. I will read the comments and this will go on for about a week. Then  I will decide and give the present away to who i choose to win. Make sure to put up your name on jamma and please no saying please pick me. I will also put up a picture of the prize you could win. Good Luck and have a great day!

Question for the month: What is the thing you are most thankful for this season?

What you will win: A rare snowman hat for members only

Giveaway begins: 11/22/12 ends 11/29/12 (Closed)

Winner is... Coolchico

Question for the month: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

What you will win: Reindeer Poop for members only

Giveaway begins: 12/8/12 ends 12/15/12 (Closed)

                              Winner is... Coolchico

Question for the month: What are you looking forward accomplishing this year?

What you will win: A snow cannon for members only

Giveaway begins:1/15/13 ends 1/22/13(Closed)

Winner is...Gggal

Question for the months: What is something you can do on AJ to make yourself and others around you feel good and be better jammers?

What you will win: GOLDEN GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! First Place: Golden Royal Cape, Golden Bow, Golden Tiara,  Golden Samurai Helmet,  and 2 rares of your choice from these,  Rare Astronaut Helmet, Rare Knitted Hat, or Rare Knight Helmet, etc.
Second Place: 1 rare and 5 items of your choice from the furniture or clothes store.
All of these prizes are members only

Winner is...Metropolis and Gggal

Giveaway begins:2/25/13 ends 3/11/13(CLOSED)

Question for the month: What is one great April Fools day prank you have played on someone?

What you will win: Baseball Giveaway!! Baseball set in blue baseball cleats and hat also in blue!!

Giveaway begins:4/2/13 ends 4/9/13(CLOSED)

Winner is...Coolchico

Question for the month: What are you going to be doing for the upcoming end of the school year?

What you will win: Garden giveaway!! 1 garden square patch, strawberries, tomatoes, and corn.

Giveaway begins: 5/2/13 ends 5/9/13(CLOSED)

Winner is...Coolchico

Question for the month: What is something kind of odd but fun you will be doing this summer?

What you will win: Diamond shop giveaway! You get to choose one thing from these items, a stuffed animal from the diamond shop.(Sorry had to shorten it because I only have 1 diamond!)

Giveaway begins: 6/1/13 ends 6/15/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Coolchico

Question for the month: 4th of July. How are you going to spend it?

What you will win: Freedom Giveaway! 2 freedom hat's for your choice and 2 fireworks.

Giveaway begins: 7/1/13 ends 7/8/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Puptart

Question for the month: What grade are you going into this year and what are you looking forward to for school?

What you will win: Back to school giveaway!! A rare backpack, a white flower crown, a blue princess necklace, and blue boots. Because everyone needs to go back to school in style!!

Giveaway begins: 8/5/13 ends 8/12/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Rainbowshadow

Question for the month: What is your favorite thing about fall?

What you will win: Spike giveaway! I'm giving away one spike collar of your choice from the diamond shop. (This giveaway will be going on till the end of the month because I need to get the 3 diamonds for it!)

Giveaway beings: 9/1/13 ends 9/30/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Gggal!

Question for the month: What are you going to be for Halloween and what are you doing for it?

What you will win: Phantom pen,Phantom crate, and Phantom coop.

Giveaway begins: 10/1/13 ends 10/8/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Coolchico!

Question for the month: What have you liked best about my blog throughout the my entire blogging career so far?

1-year bloganniversary giveaway

What you will win:
 Grand prize winner:

  • Orange studded collar
  • Wind armor for back
  • Lightning cloud
  • Kangaroo plushie(blue)
  • Mustache(pink)
  • Purple rare worn
  • Orange rare fox hat
  • Crystal cosmo statue
  • Stone carved tool bench
  • Emu egg
  • Rare skull helmet
  • Orange alpha stone
  • Heavy phantom(pink)
  • Phantom cell (purple)
  • Giant penguin plushie
  • Shark fin(pink)
  • Freedom helmet
  • Rare Scary bat wings
2nd place winner:
  • Green alpha stone
  • Emu egg
  • Phantom cell (blue)
  • Giant fox plushie
  • Crystal liza statue
  • Rainbow cloud
  • Elf tail armor(pink)
  • Spiked collar (blue)
  • Mustache (red)
  • Wrist watch(green and orange)
  • Giant gumball machine
  • Tablet (pink)

Giveaway begins 11/2/13 ends 11/22/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Gggal and Puptart!

Question for the month: What is your favorite thing about Christmas and if you don't celebrate that what is just your favorite thing about December?

Christmas giveaway!! I want you guys to be able to decorate your dens so I'm getting you some pretty festive items to deck it all out.

What you will win:

  • 2 pairs of Christmas lights
  • A color of each gumball snowball thingy
  • 2 piles of snowballs
  • Cupcake pet house
Giveaway begins 12/6/13 ends 12/13/13(CLOSED)

Winner is... Coolchico!!

Question for the month: What is your new years resolution and if you don't have one what are you looking forward to this year?

Winter giveaway!: Deck yourself and your den out in style with these following items.

  • Blue knitted sweater
  • 2 Frozen torches
  • A snow machine
  • Purple deer fur
Giveaway begins: 1/4/14 ends 1/11/14


  1. Hey Birdle its Cool chico and my answer to the question is... im thankful for my Friends and Family.

  2. Hey Birdle its gggal here and my answer to the question is... Im thankful for all my friends and i have so many good friends if i have a problem they help me even though they cant give me candy or flowers and thats all i can really say :)

  3. Im also thankful for the earth and Jesus :)

    1. Me too im so glad you said that remember to thank Jesus today for everything he has done!

    2. i pray every night and Ivy is a cool name!

    3. Cool I pray at dinner and at night before bed and thanks its not a real name also i go to chruch!

    4. I showed my mom our conversation, shes lookin pretty convinced!

    5. By the way where i am its 9:31

  4. my friends and family from imcuteandnice

  5. my answer for the 12/8/12 question is... My Holiday tradition is my family have a big holiday feast with our (famous) holiday ham, before presents.

    1. oops that was from me Coolchico sorry for not putting my name! XD so i did the holiday feast with famous ham and the won above, again sorry for not putting my name, bye! From coolchico

  6. Wow coolchico that sounds cool, everyone loves ham! lol

  7. I want to try to control my (issues) better and be with friends more this year :)

  8. Well Im trying to become a better pianist, gggal

  9. My Answer to the GOLDEN GIVEAWAY is... I would make the jam-a-grams not sent gems, only trade so there would not be any more scamming -coolchico :)

  10. My idea is, AJ should set up a reminder that if someone is mean to you, then AJ will give you an alert to remember, everyone is a great jammer and remember, what mean jammers say about you isint true cause ur most likely to be an awesome jammer just like everyone else, I think this will make animal jam a happier place for jammers! (gggal)

  11. Question for the month: What is something you can do on AJ to make yourself and others around you feel good and be better jammers? ;

    - I just like to talk and be nice to friends, buy the gifts, send them jam-a-grams, make them something special on my blog, or introduce them to new friends! My whole goal on AJ is to please others!

  12. Question What is the best prank u fooled someone with.
    My answer... -I dyed my bff's hair orange and then hid in the bathroom and scared her and hit her with a pie. we laughed and she washed out the dye :P -Coolchico♥

  13. Well, what im going to try to do for the upcoming end of school is to make all A's and Do my best! -coolchico

  14. My abswer for the diamond shop giveaway Is.... i o will be dumping cold water on my head when its hot. -coolchico

  15. For the freedom giveaway I'm just going to watch the fireworks at midnight. ~ puptart

  16. For the freedom giveaway, I am going to picnic with family and then watch the fireworks at the park while enjoying the july (freedom) carnivalish thing at the park. -Coolchico

  17. I always do this dress up in your favorite red white and blue cloths, and then our family gathers outside and sings the anthem, and we go buy cool fire works and set them off and then we always have yummy lunch outside, and then me, my brother, and my sister want to camp out in the living room together and we like celebrating as family, including my uncles, aunts, cousins, and everyone who can possibly make it -gggal

  18. School giveaway: Im going into 7th grade, and i am looking forward to seeing my friends, and getting to know new people :)

  19. Bk 2 school giveaway:
    I am going into fifth grade and I am looking forward to switching classes in our middle school and getting to meet all new teachers!

  20. My favorite thing about fall is watching the beautiful leaves change from green to a beautiful orange :) (ps. if i wan i would like any spike that has 2 colors :P)

  21. my favorite thing about fall is watching the leaves fall and enjoying the cool weather, and also wearing a cute cozy sweater -gggal xoxoxoxo ♥

  22. Well me my bff and Kat are all going trick or treating then to a party and so we are going to be Monsters from Monsters High and Kat is going to be their dead doggah XD and we are going all out, Makeup, heels, and we are even going to wear wiggies XD

  23. im going trick or treating with my good friend ella and im going to be superwoman and even carry a home made bucket with a superwoman badge on it! :D -gggal, thanks for letting' me enter!

  24. Username: Puptart
    Might be member might not.

  25. Hey this is for the bloganniversary.
    User: RainbowShadow
    Staus: Member
    What I like about this blog is that you always try to be positive about others and don't post bad things about them. I like how you have so many topics and are always expanding on them, like the AJ BFFs, Ask Birdle, and such. You are so creative and haven't given up on any project you create. You always express your opinion on things, which is great because now we know a new view of things that we can think about and understand. You have change my opinion on aj clothes, dens, and many other things. I made mistakes in the past but I think we should start on a new leaf. Your blog is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Seriously that made my day you are so sweet :D

    2. Hi this is gggal for the giveaway about what I liked best about this blog. So the first thing is all the friendship, I love how birdle always talks about how great friendship is and how its so important to love one another. And I also like how she has so much fun with stuff, she hosts parties, and talks about all the fun stuff in her life. Thanks for the awesome give away! ♥ GGGAL!

  26. Thanks!

  27. Hi birdle, this is gggal. My favorite thing about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree with my mom. Then a few days before Christmas we make pretty cookies that are decorated as presents and Christmas trees and gingerbread man and snowflakes and all kinds of fun stuff. And on Christmas eve my dad makes soup and grilled cheeses for dinner! Its all so fun! Thanks for the cool giveaway, I like the prizes ♥ Mr. Snuffles/ gggal

  28. Christmas Giveaway- My Favorite Part of Christmas is having that hummy holiday ham while sitting in your pj's under the covers opening presents. I also like spending time with people you love (like my newborn couusin is coming for christmas!!!) -Ashley/Coolchico