AJ Fashion!!!! :D

So on here I will just be putting up outfits that I think are awesome that i made or my friends or just random people I see. Also I will be putting up an outfit of the day that I create or someone else's that I see.

This outfit was created by my fox Flora Peachylily. I made it today 12/8/12. I just got the armor for the back and it is pink so i matched it with pink boots, a pink beret, a pink necklace and a pink and white tail. It's perfect for any day and I love it on the foxes.

Everyday: This look is the way Magical Superbunny dresses everyday. She is wearing purple earrings, purple shoes, a purple jacket, and a purple necklace. She looks fabulous.

PJ's: This look is created by Magical Superbunny. She is wearing a purple pj bottom and shirt, and purple slippers. Great for being comfy.


  1. Wow its so cool that people can express their own fashions and be cool on this page!!!

  2. Oh wow... you actually created the first style on my birthday! Lol! :P

  3. Animal jam has earrings!?!?!