Jammer of the month

Each month I will be looking around animal jam to find someone who speaks out against the rest of jamma. Whether that be being kind when others aren't stopping scammers or being a new jammas friend. If you win I will put up your picture on my website and you will receive a gift in a jam a gram. I will usually put the winner up near the middle of the month so you can be up for a couple of weeks. Good Luck to all!

                                                    Jammer of the month for November
She has been kind, giving and wonderful to everyone she meets congrats handsome for winning!

Jammer of the month for December 

She is very polite and kind and stands up for people that need it! Congrats Gorgeous for winning!

Jammer of the month for January

He is so kind. When our good friend coolchico was sad he gave an awesome speech and threw a party for her to make her feel better! You deserve to win!

Jammers of the month for February

Coolchico is winning because she did a couple of things, one she and another friend threw me a surprise party, is awesome, did this banner on her blog and is a great friend congrats coolchico!!!

Jammer of the month for March

 GGGAL also was helping with the surprise party also helped make the banner, is so kind, awesome and a great person.! Congrats GGGAL

Jammer of the month for April
WOLFSTAR62867!! Ok first of all this is an old pic but she still looks good!! Anyways WS is so nice to me gives me and my friends advice and is really fun to hang out with!! Congrats WS!!
Jammer of the month for May

Purplesparkly123! She is super duper nice and is always positive about everything! Even if you just met her she will be so nice and welcoming to you! I met her a couple of weeks ago because she is Gggal's friend from school. Congrats Purplesparkly123!

June Jammer of the Month

Cat92299!! She is such a great positive person she always wants to make people smile and people happy. The other day when Dragonwolf70 and Wolfstar62867 were sad she made a  party in her den and then a snake armada! It was so fun. Congrats Cat92299!!

July Jammer of the month

Gigixcutie!!! She has been so sweet and has been leaving such nice comments everywhere on my blog about how great it is and even today on AJ she gave me wings just for me saying how sweet she is! I'm not talking about her giving me gifts and everything she didn't have to do that but she is just a nice person and ya. I will send you a gift on AJ!

August jammer of the month

Metropolis!! Yes I know Metro quit but I wanted to give her this because she deserves it. It's kind of my way of thanking her for being so nice and this way I'll always remember her. She was so kind, and fun to hang with. She also said she always wanted to please people. So anyways congrats Metro! I would send you a gift but you quit so that's ok! 

September Jammer of the month


Sparklewolf123! I thought it was about time she earned this! She is sweet nice and super funny! She is also an excellent singer. I wanted to give her this becuase she deserves it and she hasn't been jammer of the month yet. So congrats Sparklewolf! I will be sending you a gift on AJ!!

October Jammer of the month

Reever! Gggal told me how sweet and kind she was so I decided that she should win. I have talked to her for a little bit and she seemed randomish like us and cool and nice. Congrats Reeve I will be sending you a gift on AJ.

November Jammer of the month

Rockytop2! I love her blog and she is pretty nice as far as I know so I decided she needs to win. Congrats Rockytop2 I will send you a gift on AJ.

Jammer of the month for December

Cristal41! She is pretty sweet and nice and has great style. I just met her last week but so far she has been really nice to me. I will send you a gift on AJ.



  1. Comgrats Alex Thanks For Helping Others! ;)
    posted By: Coolchico

  2. :D this is a great blog!!!! ( GiGixCutie)

    1. wow your super nice gigixcutie! its great to meet you

  3. awwe! adding metro to it was so sweet! your so nice!!

    -sings Opera-

    Thank chu birdle xD


  5. Yay, thank you sooo much! You're really nice to do this. :)