Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stuck in the middle the sequel :l

Hey guys a couple months ago I did a post that was titled stuck in the middle. Well this is the sequel to that. You see two of my friends on AJ have been fighting and have been telling me about each other through messages and I'm just in the middle of this. They are trying to work it out but it's just ugh... You know what I mean? Anyways they either have basically like 2 options work it out or don't be friends. I want them to be friends but even if they couldn't be friends then I would still hang out with them equally. I'm not naming names and I love both of them and I don't want you guys to be mad at me but it's just sighs. I wish things would get easier. Anyways this is a night post which I usually don't do. Hopefully things will get better soon.

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Giveaways galore!

Hey guys. So I just wanted to metion some giveaways going around that you might want to enter. First my giveaway of course. Second Puptart's. Third Snowyclaw's giveaway. Each are great giveaways to enter and you can find the other blogs on my cool blogs page or you probably have seen them by now. Another thing that is coming soon is the new adventure! Yesterday Coolchico showed me the bridge on the far right side of the adventure base that is kind of hidden. It is a broken bridge leading over to a new adventure. You can't go there yet because as I said it is broken but it will soon be coming and I can't wait! One last thing be sure to be checking out my book blog because I have been posting bi-daily on there. That's all for today and have a great day!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July updates and songs!

Hey guys so yesterday I updated the blog for July. Gggal said when she came on my blog that 4th of July exploded in her face! Lol I will probably change it after I come back from vacation to probably an end of the summer theme because I will only have a couple of weeks left before I go back to school. I start school on August 12th which is earlier this year but that's ok. Be sure to check out the Jammer of the month page and the Giveaway page for July's updates there. Also I found a great new song this morning and I think this might be the next song I sing or do on AJ so a music video. What do you guys think here's the song down below. That's all for today and have a great day!!!!!!!

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                                                          Demi Lovato Made in the USA

Friday, June 28, 2013

Have fun on your trip Goldenhunter7 and Dragonwolf70

Hey guys! Today Goldenhunter7 and Dragonwolf70 are going on vacation D: We will all miss them but will be happy when they get back! I hope you guys have lots of fun. Speaking of vacation I wonder when Wolfstar62867 is coming back from her trip! I know I miss her and I hope she is having fun. I will be going on vacation in about 2 weeks from today. Yay I'm excited but I won't get on AJ a ton expect for at night probably and post only at night. Anyways one last thing, Gigxicutie I keep trying to buddy you on AJ but when I do AJ unbuddies you from my list. Just letting you know its not me and that you are really super sweet! That's all for today have a great day!!!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Updates,party, and rescheduling.

Hey guys so AJ released new updates about the freedom party today! One item that is coming soon that looks really cool is the freedom glove. I really want that to finish out my 4th of July look. I'm going to be having a 4th of July party soon so all of the details will be done below. As for the prom no one was on so I have to reschedule that. The details for that will also be down below. Also a quick side note yesterday I saw Monsters University. It's really awesome and funny! Here are the details:

4th of July Party:
Date:July 3rd
Time: 3:00-4:00(My time)
Where: Birdle's den
Bring: Dress up in 4th of July colors
Games: There will be games, prizes and food!!
Who's Invited: Everyone
RSVP: Me please through Jam a gram or in the comments

Date: July 1st
Time: 2:00-3:00
Where: My den
Bring: Dress up fancyish
Who's Invited: Everyone
RSVP: Me please through Jam a gram or in the comments

That's all for today and have a great day!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 5,000 views!

Hey guys so I hope you enjoy this special funny video I made for 5,000 views. Also the prom down below is also for 5,000 views so make sure you are coming today! Also sorry that there is a wondershare logo in the middle but it has to be displayed since I'm on the free trial. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hey guys I'm going to be having a prom tomorrow! The details are down below so I hope you guys enjoy!

When: Wednesday June 26th
Time: 4:00 my time - whenever
Bring: A date if you want to or just come by yourself and dress fancy or niceish
Where: My den

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Jammer Weekly #4 or #5

Hey guys this Jammer Weekly is for Puptart. You can enjoy but the pictures will soon be in the new Jammer Weekly so you can see them! Enjoy!!! I also lost track of how many Jammer Weekly's there are so far so lol.

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P.S. Aren't I a fantabulous photographer lol!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rare Army Helmet

Hey guys! Today's rare item is the Rare Army Helmet. Have you noticed that rares have been getting more and more expensive? This one is ok in my opinon so I don't think I'm going to buy it. I don't even have enough gems for it anyways! I will not be on tonight because I'm going to one of my friend's birthday party and sleepover. Also I'm still working on the 5,000 views thing so maybe by Wednesday that will be up. Check out this awesome outfit I came up with using the new fire armor. That's all for today and have a great day!

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P.S. Thanks Gigxicutie for saying how awesome my blog is! And Puptart your pictures will be up tomorrow!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freedom party

Hey guys! So the returning Freedom Party is back for the 4th of July. Yay I haven't been to it yet but I will be getting on it when it comes on in about an hour. Also my friend Gggal said that if you get to level 10 on the adventure then you can collect diamonds! I'm only almost a level 4 so we shall see if it's true. It would be awesome if it was true. Anyways the 5,000 views thing I will be working on this week and it should be up soon. That's all for today have a good day!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Race and Updates!

Hey guys so this morning I had a 10k race which is 6 miles to raise money for orphans in Kenya. I ran all 6 miles in under an hour! Yay. Also the phantom adventure started while I was gone. I played it last night with my friends and I am almost a level 2. The great thing is tons of gems! The phoniex armor is in the diamond shop and is so cool! It moves. I might buy the wings myself because there pretty cool. Also for the adventure it will soon be avabile to everyone and more adventures are coming soon! The bunny burrow one is great to play with friends and I can't wait to see what is next. Well I need another nap because I'm EXHAUSTED!!!!!!! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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P.S. The 5,000 views surprise will be up sometime next week when I have time to do it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hi I'm back from camp!

The title says it all as Sparklewolf would say. Too tried to write anymore see you tomorrow.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Farewell peoples for now/ Happy Father's Day!!

Hey guys so I'm leaving this afternoon for camp but I will be on this morning before chruch and a little bit after. Anyways I will see you on Friday and thanks again to everyone who did all of that stuff for me last night. Also this blog will probably have over 5,000 views by the time I come back and I hope it gets to 5,000 at least a little while before I leave. Where so close! Thank you all for coming everyday and reading these posts and everything that ya guys do.Also one thing about Kangaroos on AJ you can now get them at EB games which someone said is Gamestop. So Kangaroos are out in stores as far as I know. Happy Father's day to all make sure to wish your daddy a great day!  That's all for today well I guess this week. I love ya all. *HUGS* See ya soon!!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ok I know third post of the day. But this is following along with the post below. Coolchico and Sparklewolf123 had a party for me! Two seperate parties and Gggal, Sparklewolf123,Coolchico, Wolfstar62867, and more were all there. They all gave me presents which was so sweet and I love them all. I had to so much fun I will miss you guys but I had a great time and was not expecting this to happen. Thanks to Puptart,Gggal,Coolchico,Sparklewolf123,and everyone because I would spend forever naming them all. I will talk to you guys tomorrow bye!!

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Aww peoples!

Hey guys so I just got back on AJ a couple of minutes ago and Sparklewolf123,Puptart and Coolchico all gave me gifts because I'm leaving for camp tomorrow. Thank you  guys I will miss you all and you didn't have to do that. Now they are saying they are going to cry but I will be back on Friday and I will have something fun when I get back. Thank you guys again and I will spend today with you guys until I leave tomorrow. I love ya all. :D

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Hey guys! As you probably all know that one jammer on AJ has a kangaroo. Just like when snow leopards came everyone wants to bug this user and take a look. I will show the picture but will not say the user and please don't comment it down below what it is guys. Just leave the jammer alone and don't bug them. Anyways these are only available so far in Australia. But will probably be in the diamond shop and in stores soon. I was going to post another post about this yesterday but didn't feel like it. Also tomorrow I'm leaving for camp! Yay. That's all for today and have a great day.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Employee of the month!!

Hey guys so since I work for Gggal Co, I earned Employee of the month!! Yay if you want to see that then go check out their website which is in the previous post down below or on my cool blogs page. I haven't seen any new items today so far so ya. Sparklewolf123 there will be a surprise for you later on today on my blog when I'm on this afternoon and able to do it! One last thing I'm going to be gone in only 2 days!!! I'm so excited but I will miss you all. Also if I don't get to 5,000 views before I leave then that will have to wait till after. So be looking for that probably after I come back from camp. I'm still deciding ideas so make sure to leave a comment of what you think I should do. That's all for today have a great day!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New ad for Gggal co!

Hey guys here is a new ad I made tonight for Gggal co! Encase you didn't know I work there as a marketing director and I help make ads and stuff. The link will be down below to the ad. Enjoy!!

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Happy early birthday Sparklewolf123!

Hey guys so next week when it's Sparklewolf's birthday I will be gone at camp. So here is a little banner I made for you that I hope you like. Also your present is waiting for you on AJ Sparklewolf! Last there may be a surprise in store for you tomorrow on AJ. You shall wait and see. Anyways enjoy and happy birthday again!!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teacups and cats

Hey guys so first of all the new item is the teacup! It's so cute and adorable and nonmember too. I'm going to buy some to match my tea-sets. Also I just read Puptart's post and there cat ran away. I hope you guys find your cat. Also her sister is new on AJ so they are asking for donations if you want to send her something her user is smoshandglee. One last thing is that please check out the giveaway page because it ends this Saturday. Oh and I think AJ is having a glitch. Lately if I say something like butter, or elementary then AJ thinks it's bad. It has also been happening to my friends for regular words. I hope AJ fixes it. That's all for today and have a great day!!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For Twinkel85

Hey guys Twinkel is making a blog and this is to help her put her blog on the web so we can all see it.

Follow these steps to get your blog on the web:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in : Add my blog to Google
  3. Click the one that says overview submit your content
  4. Then click participate on the one that says publishing and media
  5. Then go down to web and click add your url
  6. Now put in your blog's url excatly the way it is. The URL is the thing you type at a search engine.
  7. It will take one day for your blog to be shown to everyone so just sit and wait until tomorrow!!
Hope this helps!

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Teacups and Sleep Deprived

Hey guys! So I just got back from a sleepover birthday party about a half hour ago. Anyways the new item today or should I say returning item is Teacups! I got 4 sets of these to put in my den because of the neat colors and they actually look nice even if you don't put them on a table. Also I was up till 3:00 this morning at the sleepover and so I only have like 6 hours of sleep. Anyways I'm not that tried. Also if you look on the side look at how close we are to 5,000 views! What do you guys want me to do for 5,000? Giveaway, party, singing, video or something else. Comment down below what you like and I will also think of ideas. That's all for today have a great day!!

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P.S. If there is a new item I'm going to try and put a picture of it for you guys to see!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey guys so Gggal requested me to sing Firework. Here it is down below and I'm thinking of doing a song of the week for me to sing. If you would like me to sing a certain song leave me a comment down below and I will reply back telling you what week I will sing it. Also do you guys like the new updates I made? I thought it would work better now since it's the middle of summer for me. Anyways I also have 7 followers now! Yay!!! Enjoy.

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                                                                       Birdle singing Firework

Rare H.D. TV!!

Hey guys for the first time ever there is a rare furniture item! It's the rare hd tv! It's super cool but expensive. It's 1,500 gems! Wow AJ lately has been making the rares pretty expensive. Also last night Coolchico came up with a cool game show! I will have the videos up later that we took of it. How you play is the contestant answers 10 questions. If they get 4 right then they get a super surprise. For every wrong one they get they get a pently. Also Puptart you are allowed to join book club. Well that's all for today see you guys later!!

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                                                                     Rare H.D. TV

Sunday, June 9, 2013

AJ Cooking School

Hey guys! So Gggal yesterday made a cooking school on AJ! It's super fun and you get to learn to make things and be creative. She teaches to almost anyone so if you would like to join tell her on AJ. Also they made fedoras on AJ. YAY! Now they have fedoras and berets I'm going to get one of each color like I did with the berets. Anyways that's all for today and have a good day!!

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy 200th post!!

Hey guys so I couldn't wait till tomorrow to do this! But this is my 200th post!! In only almost 8 months I have written all of these posts that you guys have hopefully loved! I made this video down below as a surprise of you guys for this post. Coolchico has been requesting me to sing for a while so I finally decided to do it as a surprise. I'm singing hurricane by Bridigt Mendler I hope you guys enjoy!! Also if I get to 5,000 page views then more surprises and a party!! I hope you guys enjoy this and think of it by the end of the year if I write a post almost every day I will have over 300 probably! Anyways thanks again see ya tomorrow!!

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                                                                     Me signing hurricane!


Hey guys so I'm super mad. This is to you Puptart and your sister. LEAVE ME ALONE RIGHT NOW. Get over the fact I"m not going to be your friend anymore. After you left mean comments on my youtube account on a video that had nothing to do with it. And you drag your sister into this and say I'm bullying you! You better leave me alone from now on or you don't want to know whats going to happen. Also listen to this your sister left a note that says she is going to hack me! I'm not bullying you you kept leaving negative posts and started this so leave me alone! I'm going to block you and your sister if you don't. On my youtube and on AJ and here so you can't leave comments. Leave me alone now. You keep trying to act like everything's ok but it's not. Stop with the comments on my video that have nothing to do with it. Sorry to everyone else but I'm mad. Your warned Puptart and your sister.

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P.S. Gggal says no one does that to my friend! And shes coming for you in your sleep if you don't stop see this is the last thing you will see when you go to bed everynight.

AJ Book Club!!

Hey guys Coolchico, Gggal, and I started a book club yesterday on animal jam! We are the main people that run it and we talk about books, have snacks, and do other fun things! We do asign homework but it's just the number of pages or chapters you need to read until the next meeting! If you would like to join please tell me down below or on tell one of us on AJ we meet everyday when we are all on. I hope to see ya there. That's all for today have a fantabulous day!!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Cookie cake!

Hey guys so earlier Gggal Goldenhunter7 and I made a band! Here's the first video enjoy!!

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Happy birthday Dragonwolf70!!

Hey guys sorry earlier I forgot to metion this in the post. But it's Dragonwolf70's  14th birthday!! Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you you look like a monkey and you smell like one too! Just kidding! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday!!

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Upcoming stuff and other news

Hey guys so I need to tell you guys about some upcoming things and why they affect you! Ok so in about a little over a week I will be going to a camp called Camp Christian. I will be at Camp for 6 days leaving on June 16th and coming back  on June 21st. There are no electronics allowed there so that means no blogging or animal jam! So for that week pretty much you won't see me until I get back and I will probably be sleeping when I get back but you will probably see me on AJ that day. Also the next day after that I will be doing a race so probably no blogging and little AJ that day. Anyways so pretty much that week is filled with activities so I wanted to tell you guys so you don't think I'm dead when I'm really at camp! In other news I will not be doing Jammer Weekly anymore because I decided Puptart and I's friendship isn't going to work out. I'm not going to go into details but ya. So I'm resigning as photographer. I would love to do it I just don't think Puptart would want me to. So ya nothing super new on AJ so stay tuned guys for the next couple of days like I keep saying because I'm doing something people have been wanting me to do for a little while now and I decided to do it for a special occasion. Anyways see ya tomorrow!!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jammasian movement, raccons, and music video!!

Hey guys new updates on AJ today. First of all raccoons are now sold as pets! You can get them for only 3 diamonds in the diamond shop for a limitd sale time only! Also there is going to be a new Jammasian movement starting in June that has to do with the alphas which is like last year! I can't wait to see what AJ is bringing us. Also in a couple of days I will have surprise up for something speical that is going to be happening to my blog! Here is a music video I made a couple of days ago for a new song that I love that just came out! I'm getting better with these and sorry for the end I didn't get the chance to finish it. That's all for today enjoy!!

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Selena Gomez-Slow down AJMV

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm so happy!!!

Hey guys sorry about my last post it's just my blog was really messed up! But I got help from a dude on blogger help and I fixed everything! Sorry Gggal on AJ that I was like really mad I was crying though because I thought I might have to give up my blog and my blog is almost reaching it's 7 month anniversary! When its the year anniversary I will have something super special but that's not going to be till November. Also I'm reaching another exciting thing so stay tuned. Once again I'm super happy that my blog is fixed!

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Copying on AJ and new pet items.

Hey guys so I was thinking of what to talk about today when I remembered a letter one of my friends sent saying I copied her outfit. I didn't and she wasn't the only one that came up with that outfit. Anyways so lets talk about copying on AJ. Whether it be ideas, or clothes items to the way of doing something what do you think about it? I personally don't like copying unless someone gives you the credit in some way or asks you if they can use the idea. The point is don't copy unless you give credit or someone says its ok. I give credit to everyone that I use their idea from. Anyways the new item today is the pet carousel! They sure are coming up with a ton of great pet ideas. Be sure to get one! That's all for today have a great day!!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting rid of negative things.

Hey guys another post wow. Just a thought that came to mind. It's about getting rid of the negative things in your life. On AJ or in real life. Right now I'm talking about AJ. So that means, people who cry because of just little items, or start drama, or rude people. It's the people who just start drama or say mean things or don't think doing something is fun when other people do and just leave melodramatically. What I'm saying is this, I need to get rid of the all the negative stuff around me because it just leaves me sad,mad and hurt and making me want to quit AJ. So listen up everyone, if you are starting drama or doing one of the things above repeatedly then I will probably delete you and move away from that. Negative things aren't good for your life and I have tried many other things to get the point across to people doing these things and to try to make AJ a better place for me. So if you are doing one of these things and you don't tone it down or stop I'm sorry but I will be deleting ya. I don't want that in my life it just makes it worse. I won't be breaking down and buddying you again or trying to make up because I will be done. Just some food for thought. Note: This is intended for everyone and not specially calling out people just telling everyone to be warned that I don't want to deal with this and you can come talk to me about it if you have problems with this post. Thats all for today for now and have a good day!!

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P.S. Look at the votes on the left how did I get that many?!!!

Another AJ Awards?

Hey guys so yesterday I was on youtube when I saw a video from Bepper that she was doing an AJ awards! Sound familiar?! Well she definetly didn't copy from us but she did have similar and different catogories. Mine was the Kindess awards. The video will be on the bottom if you want to see it and if you watch it on youtube you can vote for all of the catogories. In other news I got one diamond today from AJHQ. I really hoped it would be five diamonds or something else and just not one. So if I want to get an arctic wolf I have to save up 9 more weeks! That's 2 months and 1 week! Maybe AJHQ will have a promo code soon for diamonds or you can buy some. We will have to see. I won't be on AJ later today because I'm going to a fun place with my friends. Also if these are a little late then its because I'm busy running in the morning. Every morning starting today I will be running a couple miles. Anyways have a great day!!

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AJ Awards

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jammer weekly #2 for Puptart

Hey guys every week I'm going to be putting up my pictures that I took for the Jammer Weekly on Puptart's blog. So if you see this and are like what the heck is this? Well its the Jammer Weekly! I'm the photographer and here is the page to the first Jammer Weekly if you want to see it. Also here are the pictures hope you guys enjoy and like them!

Jammer weekly page on Puptart's blog:

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