Monday, January 6, 2014

Last day of break!!

Hey guys! Ashley(or Coolchico) was supposed to post today( so that's why this is late) but it wouldn't work on her computer and now I can't get a hold of her on skype. But that's ok I'll just be posting for you guys and she just might post another day this week! This is my last day of break today so I'm kind of sad but I'm super excited also to go back to school tomorrow.

Next is the rare for the day which is the rare spartan hat! I think this is unique and cool for those of you who want to stand out in a crowd. I don't see many people buying this due to it's colors(I'm not a fan of them) but if you love dark colors then this is for you.

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, pink earrings, a pink shark fin, a gold chain necklace, green tail armor, and purple high heels! I thought this outfit was a nice spin on a girly girl look. Instead of adding a skirt and a raccoon tail or no tail to it I added some different accessories that would bring out the outfit and not make you a plain Jane. Wow I'm talking a lot about standing out today.

That's all for today and have a great day!!

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