Thursday, January 9, 2014

From 2011 to now.

Hey guys! This post is not going to be about AJ but about this blog. I created this blog in November 2011 when I was in 7th grade and really into AJ and thought it would be fun to share with everyone my experience through life and aj. I have made so many great memories and friends from this blog. The support of this blog has been overwhelming. I never thought that a little blog that I made would grow this big. We have almost 400 posts over 16,00 pageviews and 13 followers. I have had over 300 comments and so much support and pageviews each and everyday. You all read my posts and support me, go check out my giveaways, and wait patently for me to update everything. I cannot explain my feelings for each and everyone of you who reads it everyday.

So your probably wondering birdle what are you talking about?! Well guys, I'm quitting posting but not AJ. I have gotten extremely busy this year and will continue to later on. Between homework, friends, sports, having fun, and chores I can't handle it all. I'm going to go to high school and have so much homework I just can't let you guys down by not posting. I know some of you will probably comment down quit or be sad but I just can't keep up with it. I will still continue to keep this blog up forever and maybe I'll start back up in the summer.

Thank you everyone for your support and love. I love all of you even if you are 5-20. I will always love and cherish the memories that I have gotten from this blog.( I'm tearing up some.) This is my choice and not anyone elses. Thank you for everything. For the memories, for the comments, for the pageviews, for the laughs, for the fun for everything. Even the hate I got from this blog helped me realize it doesn't matter what others think of you.

The only last thing I can say is thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful life. Feel free to still comment and go on chat box and everything. I will read and support them all. I have an email, skype, twitter, chatbox, and tiny that I can talk to you all on. I will still be on AJ so feel free to talk to me when I'm on.

Skype: ivy wang or birdle2
Twitter: @birdle2
Chatbox: Well you know where that is
AJ: Birdle

Thank you everyone. I look forward to what the future brings for me and you.




  1. I miss this blog so much! I still have a force of habit of coming on here everyday and I miss all your posts! I miss you on AJ too it feels like everything is changing. I mean we met when you were just beginning middle school and I was in fourth grade and now your going off to highschool and im going to middle school next year. I will be on AJ every day except for Wednesdays so I will be on a lot!! Peace love and pancakes -gggal

  2. Aww thanks that was really sweet :D i have been having second thoughts about quitting the blog but i honsetly i'm not into aj a ton anymore and i don't have time to post. So that's why I'm not usually on a ton in the week due to homework and tests and HOMEWORK LOL but i'm on a ton on the weekends so ya :D anyways I hope i see you soon XDD also you can always skype or tiny me :D

  3. Im on aj right now if you wanna meet meeeeeeeeeee

  4. I've gotta agree. I just came to check in, no worries.-GiGixCutie

  5. still miss this place so much

  6. Hey it's not letting me post comments on the talking page but i got an iPhone 5c and maybe my mom will lt us exchange numbers but i dont know because shes kinda strict about that sorta stuff even tho i really trust you she just cares a lot lol. also i found out i have to get these special casts on both feet because of the muscle problem but no worries because they are avalible in pink lol

    1. Oooh what color is your phone? And hopefully she does lol. But that sucks D: When do you get them on? And yaaaaas pink i would so sign them if i lived near you.

  7. lol and it's yellow

  8. he so i can talk i'll be on my chat