Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowman and Quizzes

Hey guys! First day back to school and I already have a quiz tomorrow. I also had homework today and had to find my gym clothes so that's why I'm posting late. And I had to shower and we had to grab something at the store. I also have to post on our other blog because I can't get a hold of Ashley but that's ok!

Next is the new item for today which is the snowman. So cute and it's not new but returning. I think this would look great in your den with the snow or even if you don't have snow you can mix it up!

Lastly is the outfit of the day! I'm wearing, blue headphones, a purple striped scarf, freedom wings, a blue ring, and a purple and blue raccoon tail. This looks very wintery with a pop of color!

That's all for today and have a great day!!!

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